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Simple Sew Juliette Dress Hack

Simple Sew Juliette Dress Hack

Wednesday 4th September 2019

I had wanted to make the Juliette for a long time and had agonised over what to make it in. I had so many shortlists fabrics for it but in the end I settled for our Animal Print Wine Viscose Twill.

When using Viscose I have recently switched to using Microtex needles instead of Sharps needles as they seem to eliminate the risk of getting any pulls in the fabric. This fabric sewed up a dream ! It's such a lovely fabric to sew with. As with all remotely slippery fabrics I choose to both pin and weight down my pattern pieces whilst cutting out.

I decided to make this into a Dress after seeing a similar style dress in Next one day. I thought about what pattern I could use to emulate it and I thought let's hack the length of the Juliette and see how I get on with it. All I did to extend the pattern was to carry on the line of the side of the dress and the fold line and when it came to hemming it I put the dress on my dress form and hemmed.

Choosing my size was a little bit tricky. The finished measurements are a lot bigger that what your own measurements are due to the style of the garment. The finished measurements placed me as a Small but then I told myself that I haven't fitted a Small in anything for years so I went with a Medium and I think it fits perfectly.

What can I say but this dress is one of my favourites I've ever made. The fabric is perfect for it. It has a great weight to it and it just feels so special.

The pattern was a Simple Sew as the name suggests. I will definitely be making more. I've worn it so many times now. The only thing I would say is that it is a little on the short side but is perfect worm with tights or leggings!